Human Resources Management Workshop

28 avril 2015 - Terassel Mension, Meise, Belgium, Brussels

Lean Data Management for SAP

Discover Winshuttle’s unique Lean Capabilities!

SAP HCM is a great solution covering all aspects of HR requirements… However: Are you aware how acurate your current data is?
Do you know how incorrect information impacts decision making processes?

If you are using SAP daily, how much time are you spending entering data such as pay increase, new hires, payslip vairiable elements? Is this data entered manually?
What if you could reduce this time, so you could focus on other HR tasks?

Join-us on April 28th, and learn about:
– Attentia’s experience with: First comes Good Data, then comes Big Data
– Winshuttle’s Lean Data Management capabilities

Register today to our Human Resources Management Workshop held on Tuesday April 28th at Terassel in Meise, with a presentation by Winshuttle, Attentia and Mc2Bis.

Place: Terassel Mension, Meise, Belgium
Date: April 28th
Time: From 9am to 2pm